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Assess executive strengths and opportunities for improvement. Learn what's working and what isn't.

We'll begin this process with a customized questionnaire that you will fill out.


Learn about and understand the business issues in depth.


Identify and prioritize important challenges and goals:



Long Range


Jointly develop an action plan to help clarify the executive's focus and meet weekly to evaluate progress covering mid and longer range goals.

We start with an assessment of the executive strengths and areas for improvement. It's important that clients understand their executive personas – who they are and how they’re perceived, as well as the opportunities and obstacles for professional growth.


I find it valuable to spend time diving into the business and its unique challenges and believe it helps reinforce the effectiveness of the coaching. Out of this process, we work together to develop a strategy and execute a plan to move forward in specific areas.

Since each client is unique and will be working on different aspects of his or her skills and talents, the process is tailored accordingly. For example, some clients may need to work on tactical organizational skills, while others may focus on developing important but less tangible leadership qualities. The approach will reflect on the executive’s needs and personality.

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